Saturday, 28 March 2009

London Protest

Thousands of people are expected to march for social and environmental justice today in London ahead of the G20 meeting next week. The protest will continue throughout the following week. London’s Metropolitan Police state that this protest demonstrates unprecedented planning and co-ordination between protest groups. Tonight, many more will join in the protest by turning off all the lights in their houses from 8:30pm local time in the highly visible global Earth Hour action.

At last, I am inspired with a little hope. I see some chance, however tiny, that the world leaders will recognise the popular support for change both here in the UK and across the globe and realise that they must act convincingly immediately. As climate change and social justice become widespread concerns, politicians will need to address those concerns or risk an even greater loss of faith in the political process than they already see.

We must make our voices heard. We must somehow tell our elected representatives how critical this is to us. For our own future and that of our children.

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  1. Not sure if anyone would have noticed our lights out as we're off-grid in the middle of nowhere, but great idea. Today i've been reading Jonathan Porritt's pamphlet published this weekend, you can download it following this link
    well worth the read, it is grim but not without hope. Keep on going and keep on posting us!