Monday, 29 June 2009

Local Seeds

Last Monday, 22nd June, I attended the first meeting of Transition Bedford ( and I have to say that it was inspiring. The “stars” of the meeting were the local community groups who are already taking action in some aspect of preparing or building local resilience. Speakers included representatives from Golden Gardens, a community gardening project; Zero Carbon Castle and others.

The transition concept of building local resilience in the face of the combined global effects of peak oil and climate change is vital. With our society so heavily dependent on “just in time” deliveries and imported food, energy and skills, it is essential that we begin the process now.

The grassroots aspect of the Transition movement is the secret of its success. We are accustomed to “top-down” solutions to our problems, and have become passive. But there may not be time for a coordinated government response, even if there was the political will for such a thing. We all have valuable skills and knowledge; these are wasted if we rely on salvation from above.

One central theme that ran through the meeting was food. Eating is a visceral connection to the planet, and growing your own or communal growing seems to be a gateway to a greater environmental consciousness. As only ethically sourced and homemade food was provided at the meeting, conversation and networking really hit the right spot.

All attendees agreed that we need to live more bioregionally, to look at our local ecosystem and live within its means as far as possible.

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