Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mr Brown goes to town

The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has become the first national leader to pledge to attend the climate conference at Copenhagen in December. This is good news. I hope that his action will put pressure on other leaders to attend and to agree an effective, binding deal.

I am pleased that politicians are waking up to the gravity of the situation and to the possibility of public outrage and the loss of faith and consequently their jobs if they fail to show integrity on this issue. I am also innured to the capitalist vision of the economic returns from investment in a "green economy" and accept that this is the necessary driver for business. I hope that these will be sufficient to motivate even the most environment-blind politician to see the benefits of agreeing a strong global policy.

I am, however, cynical. They may talk the talk; now to see whether they walk the walk.


  1. Personally I have become very cynical with the Labour Party (not just on environmental issues, but social ones also) I feel that they have really betrayed the grassroots and I vowed never to offer them any electoral support again.
    Still, I am glad to hear about this move but it all just seems too little, too late.

  2. To quote the slogan of the First International "The emancipation of the toilers must be the work of the toilers themselves". I myself am very cynical regarding "representative" democracy and feel that in the end, any political party member will become corrupt and cease to represent those they were chosen to represent. This has been a problem in English history since at least 1646 when the pamphlet "A remonstrance of many thousand citizens" complained about the corruption of "parliament men". What really burns though is that we were brought up to expect better of the Labour Party, after all, it was Tory sleaze and repression that overshadowed the Thatcher era.