Sunday, 6 December 2009

Calling Ed, missing The Wave and a light in the dark

Yesterday saw the largest climate change protest in the UK. Tens of thousands of people turned out in London, Glasgow and Belfast to demand a fair and binding deal at Copenhagen (

I did not attend any of these actions, living where I do it would take me 2 inter-island ferries and an overnight ferry just to reach the UK mainland,or alternatively a short haul flight. Generating that amount of carbon to attend a demonstration calling for the rapid and drastic slashing of emissions seemed, to me, more than slightly ironic.

However, I was able to take part in the mass conference call organised by 38 Degrees ( with Ed Milliband and despite my cynicism (well documented on this blog) I was inspired. The questions were well thought out, intelligent and to the point. Ed Milliband seemed genuinely involved with the conversation and actually personally committed to action.

I know that he is a politician but....

It is hugely heartening to see the massive upswell in grassroots support for action on Climate Change and to see our politicians taking notice.
In the last week US President Barack Obama has comitted to include the last day of the Copenhagen conference in his attendance and Manmohan Singh, Indian Prime Minister, has also announced plans to attend, and India has pledged a 20-25% reduction in emissions by 2020.

While I still have doubts,and think that this is not enough, I hope that this may be the first step we need.

On December the 11th People around the globe will be holding candlelit vigils to call for fair and meaningful action at Copenhagen, to find out if there is one near you or to start one go to, lets keep the light focused on the need for a binding, fair and strong treaty to come out of Copenhagen.

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