Friday, 10 September 2010

Coming soon to a place near you? 10:10:10

1 Month from now on the 10th of October, people all around the globe will be taking part in a day of action. The 10:10 campaign,, Regurgence and many, many other organisations have signed up.

The idea of this day is a "get out and do something to reduce your carbon" day.

It is at the local level and by making a practical difference that we can connect to others and hopefully make a difference within our communities and it is through the internet and by being part of the global network that we can hopefully make a difference within the wider international community.

While accepting our own personal responsibility and reducing our lifestyle footprint is necessary and a very good thing. We must not allow governments and big business to elude their responsibility and shift the guilt onto us with "you are the ones buying it" or "If enough people would vote for it we would enact it." truisms.
They too have a responsibility, which currently they are failing to fulfil. We must make them do so!

If emissions have to peak by 2020 and then reduce drastically for us to have any hope of avoiding some of the worst effects of climate change then we do not have long.

All that said, I am reminded of the quote from Emma Goldmann, who is reported to have said "I don't want your revolution unless I can dance to it."

So let's get out and have some fun!

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