Wednesday, 29 September 2010

True Colours

It appears as if our "greenest government ever" is likely to approve the first deep water oil wells since BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster. Despite Greenpeace's brave attempts to halt it, the Chevron chartered ship, the Stena Carron is off Shetland ( where it is expected to drill.

The waters around Shetland are home to many,many seabirds, seals and orcas to name but a few inhabitants and the thought of another Deepwater Horizon here is very unpleasant.

The UK government also appears to have scuppered a motion put forward by Germany at a meeting of signatories of the Convention of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic, in Bergen, Norway. The proposal was for international scrutiny of oil drilling operations, after the Deepwater Horizon disaster (

I fail to see how this can possibly be in line with the necessity (given the scale of the challenge) to reduce our emissions within the next five to ten years

It seems that it is just business as usual.

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