Friday, 19 November 2010

Canada Kills (CO2) Bill

The BBC reported yesterday (  that the Conservative-led Canadian Senate has defeated a bill calling for a reduction of national greenhouse gas emissions by 25% relative to 1990 levels.  The bill had originally been passed by the Canadian House of Commons last year. 

This is not altogether a surprise.  The  Canadian government, led by Stephen Harper is allowing the ecocide of the Alberta tar sands to take place in it's country.  

This comes less than 2 weeks before the UN climate change talks at Cancun. 
 Alongside the results of the US midterms, this does not seem to me to offer much hope of anything truly real happening at these talks. 

The  recent  UN report by the High Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Funding ( offers some hope, reporting that US $100 bn per year can be raised towards addressing the crisis. 

  Maybe I am just too cynical.  Only time will tell....

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