Monday, 1 November 2010

US Midterms, a concern for us all

As a UK citizen, I have no voice in the imminent mid-term elections in the US.  However, the outcome of the elections may well have an impact on us all.

As reported by the Guardian yesterday, the Republican Tea Party movement does not seem to accept human causes of climate change and seems set on reducing the power of the Environmental Protection Agency.  They also seem very focused on the "National Economic Interest" at the expense of environmental concerns.

As the largest per capita emitter of carbon dioxide, it is vital that the US engage with its international neighbours in order to reduce emissions and do what is possible to meet the oncoming crisis.  If a Republican Congressional majority (and maybe a Senatorial majority) is able to significantly hamper attempts by the Obama administration to engage with climate change, then it makes the outlook bleaker for all of us.

The Kyoto protocol ends in 2012 and a succesor treaty needs to be in place. We have a short enough window of oppotunity as it is; we do not need for one of the world's two largest emitters to disengage (again).

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