Friday, 7 January 2011

Forebodings fulfilled

The Republican majority in the US Congress has wasted no time.  The Guardian newspaper reports that on their first full day, the Republicans have put forward three bills which are aimed at limiting the scope and authority of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), specifically its authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

The three bills have been put forward by the Representatives of  Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia and propose to remove greenhouse gas emissions from governance under the Clean Air Act, reversing a 2007 Supreme Court ruling.  The second proposal aims to block funding to any US government agency involved in cap-and-trade.  The third proposal is more modest (and possibly therefore more likely to pass) and it proposes a 2 year delay on the EPA management of carbon dioxide and methane emissions. 

This is after they dissolved  The Select Comittee for Energy Independence and Global Warming and after Rep. Darrel Issa (Republican California), who is now head of the new House Comittee on Oversight and Government Reform, has been asking business interests (many of them contributors to the Republican Party) what Obama Administration regulations they find most irksome. 

The "National Economic Interest" triumphs again.

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