Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dryas reprise?

The Guardian today has reported on findings to be published by CLAMER (Climate Change and European Marine Ecosystem Research) an EU funded research project. 

It appears that there is a huge and growing volume of fresh water in the midst of the Arctic Ocean, meltwater from the icecap and runoff from rivers.  At some point, it is expected that this volume (or a large part of it), of freshwater will flow into the Atlantic Ocean.  It is unknown what effect this will have. 

The big fear is that it may disrupt  Thermohaline Circulation.  This is what is most commonly thought to be the main cause of the Younger Dryas Event  around 12,900 years ago.  Which resulted in a rapid return to glacial conditions in the North. 

If  we are facing  a new younger dryas-like event, it could have very severe consequences for northern nation states. 

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