Monday, 18 April 2011


The UK government has announced the Red Tape Challenge in an attempt to get feedback on what legislation is working and what is not (matters of national security are exempt) .   The idea is that every few weeks they publish all the regulations affecting one particular sector or industry.  We can comment on the legislation and say what (in our opinion) is working and what is not.  Based on the feedback they recieve, the government can act to reduce the red tape. 

While this could be a very good opportunity to make our opinions known and may be an excellent time to propose measures such as  the Robin Hood Tax , or other measures such as a carbon tax or a personal carbon ration, what has alarmed many environmentalists is the inclusion of all 278 UK environmental laws, such as the Climate change Act, The Clean Air Act, The Wildlife and Contryside Act on the list. 

Given the recent proposal by this government to sell off English Woodlands and the Conservative's historical commitment to "the national economic interest" , it is no wonder that there is alarm.   "Green fatigue" and outright denial of climate change by some members of society leads me to worry about relying on popular opinion to preserve these laws. 

Much of our environmental legislation is vital to protection the health and wellbeing of our land, our mental health and our future.    It is essential that this legislation is not scrapped or weakened to impotence, in favour of short term economic gain.

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