Friday, 13 May 2011

Cold War 2?

As Newsnight reports tonight, Wikileaks has revealed leaked diplomatic cables indicating the forthcoming carve up of the Arctics resources and an alarming comment from Professor Peter Wadhams about the likliehood of an ice free North Pole within 3 years. 

The Conservative government in Canada under Steven Harper and Putin's Russia have both previously made inflammatory statements indicating their territorial ambitons and desire for a large share of the Arctics resources. 
With the the involvment of the US and Denmark (which still rules Greenland) (both  member states, along with Canada), one wonders whether NATO  is likely to play a role, although Steven Harper has publicly expressed antipathy to this idea.  

As the Arctic ice melts and the bonanza of its fossil resources is opened up, it is vitally important that we remember the reality of climate change.  We must not get caught up in nationalism and our desire for that dangerous OD hit of  cheap energy. The consequences would be far too heavy. 

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