Sunday, 15 May 2011

Good News!

The reported legally binding "green deal", to be announced by Chris Huhne is excellent news!  The government's acceptance of the Climate Change Committee's recommendations for the Fourth Carbon Budget governing emissions reduction through the 2020s.  It commits the UK to carbon emissions cuts of 80% (relative to 1990 levels) by 2050 and an intermediary target of a 60% cut (relative to 1990) by 2030. 
This is huge!
 After the much publicised cabinet split and the concerted efforts of several green campaigning groups. For the government to actually sign on to do this is really good.  While my cynical self wonders whether this is just more politicising in order to be seen to be "the greenest government ever" , it is still a  very good thing! 

Now it remains to be seen if we can do it. 

It is to be hoped that green technology companies will be encouraged by this to invest in UK sites, but when you consider the issues, which I have mentioned previously on this blog and when you consider the estimated average £40-50 billion needing to be spent each year between now and 2030  to upgrade and repair our necessary infrastructure in order to adapt to climate change.  I feel that there is reason to be concerned.

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