Monday, 29 August 2011

Check your privilege!

According to the Huffington Post Senator and Republican Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann, while on a visit to a Florida retirement community, said that with shale oil, coal and natural gas and with untapped oil reserves in the Arctic,  the US should not be "begging" others for energy and that they were the "King Daddy Dogs" when it came to energy.   She blamed "radical environmentalists" for bottling up that energy supply.and preventing it from being tapped.  She apparently went on to claim that as "President Bachmann" she would shut down the "job killing" US Environmental Protection Agency with a single trip to "turn out the lights and lock the doors".  

Among US Republicans, particularly those of the Tea Party, Anthropogenic Climate Change seems to have become a sort of "litmus test"  for credibility.  It leads one to wonder what sort of environmental policies we might see if they gain victory in the US presidential elections?

In the developed nations we are in a privileged postion.  We are generally living lifestyles which are unsustainable and regard this as our right, without recognising the effects this has on others, including denying them that lifestyle.  The energy hunger and climate impact of that hunger stems directly from this. 

The big social injustice is that the poor are the ones who will be hit first and hardest by climate change. 

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