Wednesday, 9 November 2011

5 years to Transition

This article in the Guardian newspaper today is very disturbing.  The International Energy Authority (IEA) is saying that we are likely to have lost any chance of avoiding dangerous climate change, due to the fossil-fuel power stations, factories, homes and other sundries we will,  if we continue as we are, build in the next five years.  It is said that if we are to avoid a 2 degrees C global mean rise, we must limit emissions to 450ppm of CO2 (e) in the atmosphere, currently we are running at about 390ppm.  Given the woeful state of our renewable energy capacity and given developments like the southern Gobi potential coal boom, I  do not see us even having that long. 

The problem is, in part,  our lifestyles. In the developed nations we have become accustomed to so many energy hungry luxuries and now consider them as "essentials" .  The radical measures necessary then become politically unacceptable and  at a national and international level little is achieved.

So we must push for green initiatives, we must remind our politicians how urgent it is and how green jobs might be the way out of the global economic crisis.  We must stress how unacceptable any delay is and how appalled we are by the lack of investment in the necessary infrastructure.  We must also prepare ourselves.  make the changes to our own lives and start building resilience at a community level, begin the transition now and hope that it is not too late.

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