Sunday, 20 November 2011

COPing Out

What can I say?  This Guardian article today left me feeling terribly bleak.
It is not really unexpected, we have seen before the worth of the political pledges when it comes to tackling climate change.  But in the light of the recent reports from the IEA and the IPPC which are telling us clearly that we do not have the time to delay and that we will feel the impact of the crisis, I would have hoped for some real political will.  To delay a climate treaty until 2020 however "realistic" is a failure in their duty to the people. 

When you consider the likely impact of climate change on the lives of us all, particularly the global and national poor who will will be hit first and hardest, this failure is unforgiveable.  They/we have had chance after chance and at each test  have failed. 

I am of the opinion that the Occupy movement has a point.  That our politicial system is in fact a plutocracy masquerading as a "democracy"  you only have to consider the defence of the financial institutions by the police,

 the refusal (in the UK)  to implement a Robin Hood Tax and things like this to wonder who our political masters are really serving.  Perhaps it is time for us to embrace a direct democracy, to tap in to the creative potential of humanity to enable us to take the necessary action. 
I see no meaningful soloutins coming out of  Durban, I hope that I am proven wrong, but we will see...

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