Friday, 7 October 2011

Feeling the bite.

The recent well publicised remarks of the Chancellor that if he had his way the UK  would cut "carbon emissions no slower but also no faster than our fellow countries in Europe".  are being seen as an indicator that in times of severe austerity, serious green initiatives are too costly, leading to things like this.  
This is unfortunate.  If we are to have any real chance of weathering the oncoming crisis, we (especially in the developed nations)  need to seriously de-carbonise.
With the Arctic opening up to supertankers and China likely to exceed its emissions forecast and become "locked in" to a carbon heavy cycle.  With the US elections looming, the Kyoto Protocol due to expire in 2012 and likely to become a major bone of contention between the US and China , it seems unlikely that we will see much except more of the usual triumph of the National Economic Interest. 
We must both take personal responsibility and pressure our politicians to act.  We should be paying attention to the writing on the wall and not getting distracted.  Only if we have real determination, will there be  enough political will to take the necessary action. 

There are  measures which could raise money towards de-carbonisation such as the Robin Hood Tax, which, although resisted by the government in the UK (tellingly a major Conservative donor has actively lobbyed against the Tobin Tax) is gathering much support elsewhere 

While I am cynical, I have not yet given up all hope.   But we must act now, our window is short.