Friday, 6 January 2012

New year 2012

So it is now 2012. 
So far:-
 The EU Carbon tax on aviation is proving unpopular.  The Guardian reports that China's 4 leading airlines are saying that they will not pay charges levied.  This is not a good precedent.  The tax is unpopular in Australia and in the US.  With a Presidential election this year in the US, their response remains to be seen. 

Chatham House has published a report  which claims that the "just-in-time" model of business leaves the UK vulnerable to extreme events and that the UK could only deal for about a week of disruption in the face of a High Impact Low Probability event, before facing possible collapse.  This is disturbing when you consider the recent IPCC report on extreme weather events and climate change.  As Oxfam makes clear in its Media Briefing, Extreme weather endangers food security.  

With the recent extreme weather in the UK, economic outlook for the coming year not seeming so positive and with the ever looming peak oil, our vulnerability seems starkly highlighted. 

We must build community resilience now, we must adapt for the future.

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