Wednesday, 18 January 2012

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On the 24th January, The US congress is to vote on SOPA and PIPA two proposed pieces of legislation ostensibly to stop copyright piracy and intellectual theft.  However the proposed legislation raises very serious concerns. 
Under the proposed legislation, sites would have to check all user submitted content and could face shutdown if found to be infringing copyright or such.  This would have really huge effects on e-activism, for example Greenpeace has famously used Nestle's KitKat logo and Mattel's (chainsaw) Barbie as part of its campaign to highlight rainforest destruction.  It would make things like Adbusters subverts illegal.  It would effectively give much of the power to police the internet into the hands of corporate America. 

The freedom and power of the internet in helping to promote global change and awareness of the oncoming crisis and its causes is absolutely vital. 
For this reason I oppose SOPA and PIPA.  

There are some suggestions for action here  and a petition  to the State Dept for those of us outside the US here

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