Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Another epic failure

So Rio+20 is over.  And I question what was achieved.  The "deep concern" expressed over the state of the planet just doesn't cut it. This "business first" paradigm has enraged Greenpeace and led them to warn of more direct action. The proposed "Sustainable Development Goals" which have yet to be decided upon before being  eventually amalgamamated with the Millenium Development Goals seem to be at best a possible target and at worst an attempt to "spin" the outcome of the conference.
One thing I think has been achieved is the exposure of the core conflict between economic growth and planetary health.
 While we have nation states and multinational corporations competing for economic advantage over their rivals and while our current global status is influenced by our GDP, while as individuals our personal status is dictated by our wealth and posessions, I fail to see how we will make the necessary changes.
We cannot have continual growth in a world with finite resources, sooner or later we will hit the wall.

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