Monday, 4 June 2012


According to  The Guardian, leaked documents show that the UK government, the so called "greenest government ever" has been lobbying in Brussels to try to water down important environmental legislation. 
Apparently the government has been trying to prevent the adoption of EU rules on energy efficiency by making them voluntary instead of mandatory or curtailing the process and the government has also been trying to prevent the the adoption of new targets for renewable energy generation when the 20% target runs out in 2020.  According to documents obtained under Freedom of Information, these government moves have the backing of the Big Six energy companies.  It is also shown that these measures are endorsed by the Energy Minister Ed Davey.

The fear is that without a fixed target for renewable energy generation, then there will not be the needed investment and renewable energy will lose out to things like gas. 
The recent outspoken fears that the Govt's new Energy Bill was biased to favour Gas and Nuclear power seem well founded.  It is also seems appropriate to mention that  the rejection of Tory MEPs has played a large part in preventing the adoption of a proposed EU 30% renewable generation target by 2020.

With time being "of the essence" in the necessary response, of adaptation and minimisation, to the oncoming crisis, this seems highly irresponsible of our elected "representatives". I am of the opinion that they cannot be trusted or relied upon, we must take acion in our own lives.

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