Sunday, 29 July 2012

It would be funny, if only......

It seems that a study commissioned by the Koch brothers, the US, oil tycoons and Republican funders has found that  anthropogenic Climate Change is real.  There is an article reporting on it here  and the scientific papers should be available here from July 30th. 
This would almost be funny, but for the seriousness of the unfolding crisis.

In the US alone, the  most severe drought in 25 years is having a severe impact on the corn harvest, with knock on effects on prices of livestock and dairy.  When considered along with the wildfires, graphically illustrated here which threaten ecosystems, crops and peoples lives, the climate change denial of some US politicians seems increasingly unreal.  Given that this is an election yer in the US, one can only hope that these issues recieve more attention and maybe (I am cynical, but..) real action will be taken. 

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