Monday, 2 July 2012

Up from the ashes

After the epic failure of the system at Rio+20, I have personally had a hard time getting beyond the rage and despair.  I have been feeling very bleak about the future. 
However, it seems to me that in accepting the failure of our political classes and our business leaders to take genuinely meaningful and appropriate action, there is an element of freedom. 
We do not have the time to wait for "due process", with Shell, Rosneft and Exxon drilling in the arctic, with highways coming through the amazon and the exploitation of the tar sands, with the permafrost melting and the threats to the gaian system we all depend on such as phytoplankton decline, loss of cold deep anatarctic water, biodiversity loss we stand on the very precipice. 
It is imperative that we take real action in our personal lives and our communities, we must organise and network.  We must each "do our bit" whether that is, low carbon living, direct actionactivist and prisoner support, growing our own and becoming at least self sufficientish or whatever else is needed.
 We must rise from the ashes of the failure of our political system to adress the greatest crisis of the modern age, if we fail to act then we and our children will face the consequences.

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