Tuesday, 18 September 2012

On not being a sheep.

Having read this article in the Guardian, I was struck by the potential radical change that this is likely to bring.  As I have said previously, I feel we have passed the tipping point and that our present system and society is likely to face severe challenges and I doubt that we have the resilience. 
Given the prediction by Professor Wadhams of the possibility of a summer ice free Arctic by 2016, and the possibilty of Methane release, I do not think we have any time to waste. 
In relation to this urgency of adaptation, I have noticed something locally which I think applies more widely

We are sheep!

In some ways this is to be expected, we are told as children to listen to the teacher, we listen to the priest and the politician and so many other people.  We have ceased to be actively involved citizens and become merely "constituents" or "consumers".  If we are to adapt and make the radical changes necessary, it is essential that we stop being sheep.  We must cease resigning responsibility and take back some of the power over our own lives.
While, after the repeated failures at Bali, Cancun, Copenhagen and Rio+20, I have little or no faith in our politicians, We live with this system of "representation", so I think that we must remind them who they are accountable to and pressure them to take this as seriously as it warrants.   We must also make the changes in our own lives, looking to the future and adapting as best we can, building networks and working with others to build community sufficiency.

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