Monday, 10 September 2012

Over the edge

If anyone has been reading this blog recently, you will have noticed that I have been feeling bleak and rageful.  The reason for this, which it has taken me a while to face up to is that I think we have passed the tipping point. 
There has been no fanfare from the heavens, the sky has not turned pink, but I am pretty sure that we are there.  When scientists like Professor Wadhams, who has been involved in Arctic research for over 30 years, warn that atmospheric CO2 levels are accelerating at a faster than exponential rate, you know we are in trouble.
I am of the opinion that we will see an acceleration of change in the arctic, loss of sea-ice leading to a change in albedo and consequent acceleration of loss.  As the arctic warms up, I think we will see a release of methane from the dissapearing permafrost and unless something miraculous happens, I think we will see the relase of methane from the methane clathrate, a la "clathrate gun hypothesis".  I think as a consequence of this process of change we will see species extinction and a change in weather systems and ,very possibly, oceanic circulation. 

I think that we have set this inexorable process in motion and that our choice is now limited to adaptation.  I think any resources invested to "keep the lights on" are wasted.  Our future is likely to be radically different from our present and it is better to spend our limited time and resources adapting to that future as best we can.
 It might perhaps be said that as the current system is so ecologicaly destructive, it would be better if it collapsed sooner, so that there might be more left afterwards.  But in that process many, many are likely to die and so it is difficult to wish for. 

The repeated failure of our political and business leaders to initiate the necessary change coupled with our lack of of action in our own lives has led us here.
  We must act now.  It is possible that Transiton groups, permaculture groups and other like minded organisations and gatherings will begin the change, but it is a monumental task to change our paradigm and adapt to what is coming.  

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