Saturday, 8 December 2012

Doha Done

Well there has been some good news out of Doha.
Despite initial US opposition the UK, EU, Norway and Australia have pledged to give "aid" to repair "loss and damage" incurred through the ravages of climate change.
This is hugely significant, despite being hedged so that no legal "liability" or "compensation" challenges are opened up.  
In another good thing from Doha, the 25 members of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition have agreed to take action on black carbon (soot), methane and ozone.  When you consider the effect that black carbon is having on Greenland, this is significant.  The link for a crowdsourced expedition to investigate this further is here
And of course the extension of Kyoto until 2020.

For me (as I imagine for many of us)  one of the most memorable things from Doha was the impassioned plea of the envoy Naderev Sano, from the typhoon hit Phillipines

He says it so well.  "If not us, who? If not now, when?

Time is ticking on and our window of opportunity is closing fast. 

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