Tuesday, 4 December 2012


The recent deliberations at Doha seem to my mind to have been following a familiar narrative. 
While developing nations seek redress from the wealthy global North, those nations refuse financial redress and aim to preserve their economic and political hegemony. 

After Sandy hitting the US and with Obama being re-elected for his final term, I was hopeful that the US would actually start taking a real interest in dealing with climate change.  Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case, it may be premature but Obama's decision not to include US airlines in the EU wide aviation emissions trading scheme does not seem a good signal for the future.  It also makes it easier for other countries to opt out and suggests that the scheme may fail. 

While Greenland and Antarctica melt apace and scientists warn that methane emissions could push us over the edge.The Tyndall Centre warns that CO2 emissions are hitting a record annual high of 36.5 billion tonnes, which is 58% above the Kyoto baseline year of 1990.  The gap between the rhetoric and the reality, in reducing global emissions puts us on course for a 4- 6 C mean global temeperature rise .  

While much of the growth in emissions, seems to have come from the emerging E7 countries, it is worth remembering that much of China's emissions still come from manufacturing goods which are exported to the global North, and they seem to be expected to rise until 2030 

All in all I am not hopeful.....

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