Sunday, 16 December 2012

On Re-skilling

Something which has cropped up recently in conversations with my friend Baya and others, is the issue of re-skilling. 
I feel that so many of us and many of my daughter's generation are "unskilled" apart from skills which depend on the current paradigm.  We may be able to deal with our car, our PCs or get a really high score on our Xbox or cook well on our stove but we often do not have the skills to cope outside this paradigm. 
I know that no one person can have all the skills and I think that this is where Mutual Aid and Community Sufficiency come in.  The Free Economy, Organisations such as the WI or websites like , or .  Other resouces such as youtube and paleotube are very useful. 
and if there is a time bank near you it is well worth "investing" in. 

I know personally that through books, and the internet (along with trial and error) I have learned several useful skills such as soapmaking, candlemaking, preserving, breadmaking, cheesemaking, basketmaking, primitive tech hunting,foraging, fishing and gardening.  I have found a distance learning introduction to medical herbalism and there are so many courses available from places like LILI

The best resource is local people.  "Gifting" helps form links and there are so many people out there with useful skills who are willing to share them.  I know that myself I have the offer of learning drystone walling (just through being willing to go out and ask a local dyker) and learning to work with Shetland ponies to pull a cart etc in 2013. I think it is so important for us to reskill, to become less dependant on the current infrastructure and to pass the skills on to our children and others who will be the ones facing the crisis full on.

 So many of our traditional skills will have a much greater relevance and must not be lost. 

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