Thursday, 6 December 2012

Osborne goes fracking mental

So Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled his Gas Strategy and it includes tax breaks for fracking.  Despite the fact that this may well lock the UK into a carbon heavy future, in spite of all the clear warnings of the depth of the oncoming crisis and despite the warning from the Committee on Climate Change that the "dash for gas" is completely incompatible with the Government's own carbon reduction  targets and obligations under the Climate Change Act. 

While I agree with the need to switch from Coal and Nuclear power which is one of the stated intentions, surely it would be better to invest in renewables and not in gas which is still a fossil fuel.
I do not see how building gas fired power stations and fracking, with all the investment of resources that this would entail makes any sense when we need to be investing in renewable sources of energy and adapting to the future. 

It seems to me that this springs from wanting to cash in on the US type of fracking boom at the expense of our future wellbeing and resilience.  Another example of the triumph of the short-termist thinking and belief that somehow "growth will restart" which characterises this government and our current paradigm. 
I feel we have reached the limits of growth and that this attempt to "keep the lights on" is futile and an irresponsible waste of time and resources. 

We cannot afford this. 

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