Saturday, 15 December 2012


So Fracking is to restart in the UK.  Climate and Energy Secretary Ed Davey has lifted the suspension on Fracking operations which was imposed after 2 earthquakes last year.
With the recent tax breaks in the Chancellor's Autumn Statement it looks like we may see (however briefly) a boom in this technique.
It appears that the first site may be in Lancashire near wells close to the earthquake sites.
And there's also this...

Despite the promise of focused regulation from the new Office of  Unconventional Gas and Oil I am very cynical. 

I understand that this is in order to offset energy dependence as North Sea Gas declines and is meant to create jobs but I believe these arguments could equally be applied to adaptation and renewables.

With the well documented impacts of US fracking and the fact that this is still a fossil fuel, I see no real benefit and several major costs to this. 

How much longer can we afford to waste our time and resources?

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