Sunday, 23 December 2012

Seasonal thoughts

At this time of year, many of us celebrate our various festivals.  Whether we are religious (in all our various ways) or secular, feasting and overconsumption and waste seem to be the (societal) norm. 

I think that this year there is a particular resonance.  So many around the globe are in poverty, and even in the global North many are feeling the financial strain this year.  As an example, it is expected that the number of people in the UK being fed by food banks this christmas will double to around 15,000. With three new food banks opening, on average, each week in the UK and the prospect of many more falling into hardship next year. 
And this does not even touch on the hardship of people in Greece or so many other places around the globe, such as those recovering from Sandy in the Carribean. 

With exreme weather events likely to become more common and financial hardship increasing, much of what we take for granted, especially in terms of food security may well be compromised. 

It is to be hoped that we will see many more community kitchens and community gardens springing up that more people will grow their own veg and share it, more gifting and more free-economy rather than more people lost and suffering alone.  If there is more Mutual Aid and an increase in community resilience and our food is locally grown with more people re-connecting to the land and to community then I would say that 2013 will be a good year at least in some respects.   

We must each do our bit, grow and share, contribute whatever we can towards building a positive alternative. 


  1. I pray that we wake up in 2013 and enter the new world you describe. Well said!

  2. Thank you Baya
    As Kropotkin said in his classic work Mutual Aid "those animals which acquire habits of mutual aid are the fittest". I also pray that we acquire this habit, for if we do not I fear for the future of our children