Sunday, 18 March 2012

Energy blues

The government's recent measures on energy seem to me to be very worrying. 
While their move on setting Emissions Performance Standards is likely to prevent Coal fired power stations being built until 2045, Friends of the Earth (FOE) research has found that 16.2GW of gas generated power has already been approved by the Govt and could be online by 2020, in addition to the 3.9GW which has come online in the last 18 months.  As FOE points out, this is likely to lead to rises in domestic fuel bills. 
 As the Guardian reports, research by Ofgem and the Govt  shows that rises in wholesale gas prices have been a primarily responsible for recent rises in UK electricity prices. 
With the government plans to slash environmental regulations as part of their Red Tape Challenge, as leaked to the Guardian, their opposition to a 2030 EU renewables target and the recent move to give parity to nuclear power and renewables, despite the history and massive taxpayer subsidy  of the industry in the UK, I have real concerns.