Tuesday, 15 January 2013

More UK Government lies and Doubletalk

So a document leaked to The Guardian reveals that while the UK Government was telling MPs about it's " acute awareness" of the environmental risks posed by deepwater drilling and while insisting that "robust environmental protection" for drilling in the arctic, it was moving in Brussels to try to water down environmental regulations such as the need for companies to lodge their emergency response plans with relevant governments.
  And the government also seems to be relying on a reapeat of the Braer disaster in attempting to change proposals regarding protection of vulnerable/fragile areas( by preventing them drilling if the time between the spill and the response would be too great due to adverse weather conditions for example), in saying...

 "oil spills may be effectively dispersed by wind and wave action and this is in itself one form of effective response".

They are saying it is ok to drill and maybe spill even where we can't get to it for weeks or perhaps months, in the arctic winter, because it might be dispersed by the weather, after all that is what happend when the Braer was wrecked  (note the Braer was carrying Norwegian Light Crude).  This is pretty damned outrageous!

 The UK government has previously been involved (after much lobbying from Canada) in trying to water down proposed EU fuel regulations concerning fuel derived from the Alberta Tar sands, so it is not the first time that their doubletalk and outright lies have been exposed. 

But I suppose what is really concerning is the absolute disregard for anything other than the "national economic interest" .  We know burning more fossil fuels, especially on the scale of those under the arctic is effectively dooming our children and many, many other beings.  We should be investing in adaptive technology while the window is still open not indulging corporate shareholders at the expense of our future. 

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