Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New year Conversations

In this festive period I have, unusually, been party to conversations with some of my fellow human beings where I did not feel like a complete nutter for holding my collapsitarian views. 
I was conversing with two men who are also both parents of teenagers who also see the stresses on the system and fear for the future of their kids.  I must admit to finding this very unusual but refreshing to not feel so alienated.
I have also had a long conversation which made me consider my slightly cynical view of human nature and that if maybe, despite the limitations imposed by climate change, the transition might be mostly positive instead of the dystopian view I have?

 While I am still cynical, and stories like this about the rehabilitation of Mussolini in Italy or the rise of the Golden Dawn in Greece (when I have often thought that as times get tougher the calls for a "strong man" and hence the rise of fascism might re-echo) do not help, I have to have hope that human nature can be good as well

Other news about the "secondment" of fossil fuel company employment at the Dept of Energy and Climate Change and their "self-policing" does tend to make me less confident about our adaptation. 

Let us hope that we can actually make the change and make it more positive. 


  1. Hi Kester, two books I have found very useful when thinking about this subject have been John Michael Greer's 'The Long Descent' and, although not directly related to the collapse of civilisation, Frans de Waal's 'The age of empathy: Nature's lessons for a kinder society'. Both have enabled me to frame my fears in a slightly more positive light.

  2. Thanks Goo I will have to look into these.
    I suppose my reading material such as Zerzan's work or others tends to be darker and, along with some of my life experience tend to infuse my view of humanity with a dark and unpleasant flavour. It is something that I hope I will be proven wrong in, but...