Saturday, 5 January 2013

Northern Drill and Spill

So Shell's Arctic rig Noble Kulluk has crashed off Alaska, threatening a fairly pristine enevironment.  Will the sea-lions and the other sealife again pay the price for our high  energy lifestyles?
 In perhaps a more positive development this seems to be drawing more intense political scrutiny
as well covered by the inimitable Rachel Maddow
Locally, it is the 20th anniversary of the Braer spill, 85,000 tonnes of Light Norwegian crude which while it affected seabirds and other marine life was prevented from being much worse by the weather, which swept much of the oil out to sea.  I do not feel that this can necessarily be relied on again

As drilling continues to the west of Shetland in the Laggan and Foinaven fields, the risks posed to the marine ecosystem become more apparent.  With the reduction in emergency tugs and the coastguard under the government cuts, if ,or rather when, something does happen it is likely to be severe.

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