Thursday, 24 January 2013

Sensing the teeth

I was thinking about the austerity which is raging across Europe, and how this is affecting people.  While I was pondering this, the question running through my head was do I think it will really get better?  I have to say I do not. 

I see the strains on the system increasing.  As climate change  really begins to bite, as food prices rise and as our increased dependency on "unconventional" sources of energy such as fracking or deep water drilling or similar techniques increases the cost of extraction and processing(as well as the environmental impact) and as corporate interests prevail, then I imagine energy prices will rise. 

Already people are beginning to go hungry.  when so much of our food is wasted, this is kind of a twisted irony.  Already people are suffering due to lack of ability to heat their homes.  Of course, with our current system, the effects are not distributed evenly, the global and the various national poor suffer first.  This social injustice is rage inducing but we still want our ipods and our coffee and our flights etc, so we must accept at least some of the responsibility. 

So far we haven't (it seems to me) really felt the full-on bite, but our children will. 

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