Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A relevant question

This was a post on the Deep Green Resistance page on Facebook (sadly I am on facebook).  and it seemed to me a relevant question

"What are you going to do when you've filled in all the petitions and gone on all the marches, and the world is still being ravaged? What's left? Are you going to withdraw and build a lifeboat? Are you going to put your faith in prayer? Or are you going to join together and do your utmost to incapacitate the Machine that is destroying our world? Begin it now..."

When you look at the scale of the crisis and the window we have to really adapt.  When you look at the planetary effects of corporatisation, whole ecosystems turned into commodoties for our consumption  and corporate profit.  Maybe we need to be asking ourselves this.  What are we doing?  What can we do when we really put our hearts into it?  What steps can we take to make the change happen?

Business as normal is not an option if we want things to change. 

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