Thursday, 21 March 2013

Frack, frack, frack.....

So the budget has come and gone.  With debt increasing and social inequity a real issue. 
George Osborne has commited the UK to more fracking.  Apparently there will be more tax breaks for fracking companies and they will be allowed to offset their exploration costs against tax for a decade.  While there seems to be a "sweetener" in the form of proposed incentives for local communities, my cynical self wonders if this is an attempt to divide and lower opposition  (get locals on side against the protestors and also divide local people).  Where I live, the economic benefits of oil and gas make opposition to them difficult. 
This comes as EDF, who have been in the news recently for targeting individual protestors, get planning permission for nuclear new-build at Hinkley Point. 
Cairn Energy have reduced their losses to $194 million and are planning exploratory drilling in Morocco and Greenland. 

This determination to "keep the lights on" as our energy needs blossom in the increasingly obvious face of the crisis seems to me to be really putting our head in the sand. 

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