Monday, 4 March 2013

On the "Great Turning"

Do you believe in the "Great Turning"?  Personally I do not, more than that, I find it actually enraging!  I feel that the myth of the "Great Turning" is just the delusional fantasy of the guilt-ridden priveleged.  I count myself amongst the guilt-ridden priveleged to be sure, but so many I have met who profess that we are on the edge of the "Great Turning" do not even seem to be aware of our privelege.  In the global North, we live in privelege.  Our lives are built on the backs of others and at the cost of lives and ecocide.  Our lives are the major cause of the crisis we and our children face. 
"The Great Turning" is millenialism, just like "sending our energy" to the whales and dolpins while they are being slaughtered in the Southern Ocean or "engaging with our inner wolf spirit" while wolves are being killed in the US and Scandinavia.  It is a way that we, the privileged, assuage our guilt, without actually lifting a finger or losing any of our comfort.  It totally ignores the causes and the scale of the crisis we face. 
We are already about 0.8 degrees C warmer than pre-industrial and if the permafrost tipping point is 1.5 degrees C then we are already half way there.  As far as I am aware, the last time all that methane was up in the atmosphere, was around the time of the Permian Mass Extinction.  This is the scale of what we face.  We are in the middle of a man made mass extinction as we slaughter species by the bucketload every day and that is without this on top. 
If we do not start facing up, adapting now and taking real action, beyond just emailing our MPs, what hope do we have?
  Civil Disobedience at the very least, is what each of us should be doing.  Build the culture of resistance.  Support those like the Sea Sheperds, the activists in the Niger Delta, Idle No More, The Zapatistas, Rising Tide, Earth First, No Dash for Gas, Deep Green Resistance and so many others, who are actually stepping up and trying to end the ecocide.  They are the frontline heroes. And we need to be equally strong. 

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