Sunday, 10 March 2013

Time to end the fantasy

The recent news, reported in the Guardian, that the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, has recorded an increase in CO2 emissions of 2.67ppm in 2012, to 395ppm, which although there is seasonal fluctuation, indicates the trend of increasing emissions, despite the much vaunted attempts by governments to curb them.   There is of course the difference between substance and speech when it comes to these pronouncemnets by governments of measures to curb emissions. 

The idea of being able to curb emissions enough to keep the rise below a "safe" 2 degrees C seems to increasingly shown to be a fantasy.  As well as the recent research which indicates that a warming of 1.5 degrees C may be the tipping point for the permafrost and so bring about a "clathrate gun" type scenario.  Maybe, with the permafrost going and the warming arctic , we will see a something like the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM).  It seems that at current rates, anyhow, we are on course for a 6 degrees C mean rise. 

It is time to end the fantasy!  We have already set this in motion.  We cannot deny responsibility or the scale of what we face.
It is time for us to face facts and start acting accordingly.  We cannot rely on our political or business leaders to do this for us, they have shown again and again that they are are only interested in the bottom line and are just broken reeds.  We need to pull our heads out of the pillows of our comfortable lives and actually start the process of adaptation now, build it up, talk to people, educate ourselves and others, skill share, seed bomb, use imagination, get active and actually get to work before it hits us all unprepared. 

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