Saturday, 20 April 2013

Thoughts today

I was coming home on the bus today, having crashed on a friend's floor last night after having attended a meeting of Transition Shetland, concerning their intent to take over management of and to utilise the Tingwall Glasshouses. and a screening of the inspirational film In Transition 2.0. 
On the bus on the way home we passed what looks like accomodation for the oil and gas workers ,related to the Clair and Bentley fields,under construction and there has been a floating hotel, the Bibby Stockholm which has arrived in Lerwick to accomodate workers.   Passing Sullom Voe terminal, with its gas flaring, it just does make you think about the real underpinning of our industrial civilisation and all that is invested in it. 
While I often feel despair, I draw some hope from the effectiveness of MEND, who seem to me to be the successors of Ken Saro Wiwa and the Ogoni activists who were hanged after non-violent action against Royal Dutch Shell. 
I recognise that it is much harder to get traction against a domestic polluter than a foreign one and that conditions are very different in the UK than in the Niger Delta.  But if MEND can acheive what they have, maybe there is some hope. 
With the use of anti terror legislation against environmental activists from Climate Camp and the whole Mark Kennedy affair and the provision for secret courts under the Crime and Security Bill which is going through parliament.  It does seem that we are, or will be, targets.   
Maybe Anonymous have a point

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