Wednesday, 24 July 2013

a very stark warning

I saw this article in the Guardian online and it is extremely worrying.  The authors of a forthcoming paper in Nature, one of whom is Professor Wadhams, argue that melting in the Arctic could trigger a massive methane release, the impact of which would cost roughly the GDP of the entire planet to remediate, they do propose a "slower release" scenario which they say would cost an extra $37 trillion of climate impacts.  and they emphasis that in concentrating on just one factor (methane release) their estimate is conservative.  An article in New Scientist, covers the same ground and mentions previous work done by Natalia Shakhova and Igor Semiletov in 2010.  On being asked how likely a methane belch is, Shakhova apparently responded by saying that an abrupt release of 50 billion tonnes is "highly possible at any time"  .  Nafeez Ahmed has posted a very good article, countering the dismissal of this issue here

Are we looking at the clathrate gun?  Will our political and corporate leaders take this on board or will we continue to drill, frack and burn our way to destruction.  I know what I think.....

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