Friday, 5 July 2013

An interesting week

There has been some good news in the UK, with the opening of the London Array, the largest offshore wind scheme in the world, which should produce enough electricity to power 470,000 homes.    On the minus side, E.ON has pulled out of a wave power research scheme in Orkney, and while apparently saying that it  "will now focus its efforts on wind, biomass and solar energy instead." has been gaining exploration licenses for arctic drilling, along with Centrica and RWE. 
On another topic, the UN FAO has improved it's forecast for grain production and this has lead to a fall in food prices.  But in the UK, The Environment Select Committee has realeased a report, which warns of the risk to food security posed by flooding.  And the number of people using Food Banks has apparently nearly tripled in 2012-13.

What can I say, I am not optimistic.  I feel that the rush in the arctic is just utter greed driven and irresponsible.  With all the fossil energy which is estimated to there, it seems we are rushing blindly over the edge. 

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