Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Maybe I am extreme but.....

As I have stated many times on this blog, I have very little to no hope left.  In a recent conversation someone close to me said I was a bit extreme and when asked to explain, said that while they did not think I was wrong in my collapsitarian view, they said that my rage was a bit extreme. 
In considering this, I had to look at where my rage comes from, it comes from my despair.  I am a parent.  I believe that unless the system comes crashing down "overnight" we face the very real possibility of the planet tipping over into a "hot phase" fuelled by carbon dioxide and methane release.  In this scenario, I believe we face a likelihood of real mass extinction.   
The thing is that our current system rewards and protects corporate entities and individuals who are, in a large part, responsible for the ecocide.  You only have to look, in the UK, at the revelations about the government adviser Lynton Crosby and his links to fracking, tobacco, and private healthcare.  When you consider the tax breaks given to the oil and gas industry, when you look at the police spying on green activists and the suppression of effective environmental activism, the government lobbying for GMO and Tar Sands fuel. You can see where the state's priorities are. 
I accept that we, especially in the global North, must take some personal responsibility for our impact but....
I see this protection and reward as a very real threat to the lives of my children and many, many other beings, also as a pagan who identifies as Gaian, there is a real ethical/spiritual aspect to this.   This is where the rage comes from. 
I have some real sympathy with folks like MEND or DGR who advocate fighting back to change things locally or to try to bring the system down soon enough that there is something left.  We can only adapt so far and I do not see the real meaningful mitigation happening.  And does anyone believe that the corporate and political elites will give up power willingly?  I do not and I wonder how much of our window of opportunity (if any) is left.

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