Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Over the edge

This article in The Guardian is extremely frightening. 
Former NASA Scientist James Hansen's new paper paints a very bleak picture, we are on course to exploit the remaining planetary fossil fuels, triggering runaway global climate change, sustained for centuries possibly reaching 16 to 25 degrees C
As we face a boom in fracking, as mountaintop removal coal mining and "clean coal" boom, as the tar sands are mined and as E.ON, Gazprom and all the rest queue up to drill in the arctic.  We are on course for this, the UK govt and others give them tax breaks for this. 
We should be investing in reducing our demands on the planet and in renewable energy. 
As I have referenced earlier on this blog. a 1.5 degree C rise may be the tipping point for the permafrost and as  Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Experiment( CARVE ) says 

"If just one percent of the permafrost carbon released over a short time period is methane, it will have the same greenhouse impact as the 99 percent that is released as carbon dioxide."

Climate Action Tracker has previously reported that we are on track for a 3 degrees C rise by 2040

With the forthcoming IPCC assessment, like it's predecessors,  apparently likely to specificly exclude permafrost carbon feedback  and with the UK decarbonisation bill defeated and all the rest,  then the outlook really seems very bleak. 

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