Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fighting the good fight

The news from Balcombe has been fairly positive.  The outpouring of public support and mobilisation has, it is to be hoped made Caudrilla take pause.  And seeing a politician show some ethical spine has made a pleasant change, and she says it very well.
One concern is the possibility of an increased financial incentive leading to more division
Locally, Clair ridge drilling has moved closer with the installation of platform jackets
and the contrast is quite striking, there is no protest,  talk is of jobs.  To some degree the debate regarding the independence referendum next year and the way which North Sea Oil plays into that debate, seems to be overshadowing local environmental concerns.  The most pressing environmental concern I have really heard discussed, besides litter, seems to be a distinct lack of mackerel locally this year, and fisheries politics is definitely involved. 

My respect for the activists around the world, many of whom risk their lives to fight for the planet increases, and even though I am very cynical, their actions do give me a bit of hope.

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