Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The state preparing for collapse?

I read this article in the Guardian newspaper and it made me wonder.  It seems the US and I imagine other governments are preparing for much more dissent as resources become depleted, as climate change bites.  If, as is suggested, they are spying on us due to their concern that we will become more radicalised and more active as this happens, then I imagine there are several unpleasant possibilities including martial law running through their wargames.   
But the thing that struck me quite forcibly was that the state is preparing and that they take this very seriously, my question is why don't we?
Why are we so distracted, why is this not headline news?  Why are we not  shouting about this and about the likely impacts of climate change? 
While many, the heroic activists on the front lines, are, many, many, more of us are sitting quietly at home.  A story  which I have heard is that shortly before his death, Bakunin was asked what he feared and that he is supposed to have replied that he feared the embourgoisement of the working class, because it would mean an end to the struggle....
I fear that this is where we are.  We have so many luxuries and we do not want to lose them.  Most of us in the global North have enough to eat (or far too much) and a roof over our heads and running water etc, the status quo is doing ok by us.  I know that this is not true for everybody and that with the ongoing austerity, even in the global North people are feeling it.  But if the state is preparing for collapse, then how stable is our security?  Can we really count on it? 

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