Saturday, 16 November 2013

It's the stupid economy

So developed nations, like Japan, Canada and Australia are backpedalling on their pledges to reduce emissions while thousands are dead and so many are homeless and bereaved in the Phillipines.  Poland seems to be set on becoming a mouthpiece for the Coal lobby and the Amazon forest is falling
"Developed" nations seem to be reluctant to agree to the idea of paying for "loss and damage" caused by climate change, we want our lifestyles without having to pay the price to those who are suffering for it. 
As climate change makes severe weather events more likely and more frequent, will this be the pattern? 
I have expressed my cynicism about our chances of taking the necessary action in time due to "national economic interest" and unfortunately it seems to be happening.  Climate change looms over all The rage is building, but will things change in time?  I do not know and I am still cynical.

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