Thursday, 7 November 2013

On the road to nowhere

What can I say
The recent UNEP report "The emissions gap" highlights the situation clearly  We are failing.  While it seems to still be possible, we do not seem to doing what is needed.  The report says that in order to limit the rise to 2 degrees C, our emissions should be a maximum of 44 giagtonnes CO2e
by 2020 reducing to 40 gigatonnes by 2025 and 35by 2030 and so on.  From what I understand our emissions were at over 50 gigatonnes CO2e in 2010 and this report by the World Meteorological Organisation shows that CO2, methane and nitrous oxide all reached record levels in 2012.
We are on the wrong track.  Governments are investing in fracking, deepwater drilling, coal and all other sources of fossil energy.  According to the Overseas Development Initiative, Rich nations are apparently supporting coal, oil and gas seven times more than they are supporting developing nations in combating climate change, to the tune of  half a trillion dollars, averaging out at $112 per adult.
In the UK our government has effectively bet on higher fuel prices by agreeing a strike price of £92.50 per kilowatt hour for the next 35 years as a condition of building new nuclear power stations, while fuel poverty and winter deaths across the UK are rising. 
We seem likely to breach the 2 degrees C "safe" limit by mid 2030s if not sooner, as said in the last post, the next mass extinction, in the oceans, may already be inevitable.  Already others are paying the price for our lifestyles and in our kids generation it will come home to roost. 

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