Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bleak reading

So The IPPC report has been published, indicating that while some of the more extreme scenarios are less likely, we are on track to breach the 2 degree C mark within the next 20-30 years, sea level rise, ocean acidification and more...  It appears that the data from the arctic is not complete yet and I wonder how this will play out... My personal view is that it will not be as smooth and will be more extreme.  The report which is available online ,or even the summary for policy makers makes for pretty disturbing reading. 
Even when you look at ocean acidification, research shows that the ocean acidification, due to absorption of carbon dioxide, is at its highest for 300 million years and suggests that marine mass extinction may already be inevitable, with de-oxygenation (through fertiliser run-off), acidification and ocean warming combined with overfishing combining to bring about the possibility of a very bleak future for the oceans. 
In the face of all this, the UK government's Environmental Audit Committee has warned the government against watering down carbon reduction targets in the next review of the carbon budget which seems likely to be in the new year. 
The fact that there needs to be this warning says something.  With all that the next generation face, with all that is in our future... For Mr Osborne to say that he does not want the UK to lead in acting on climate change as he recently has, for the government's continued subsidy of fracking and deep water drilling.   And while the US funds dredging and gas plants near the Great Barrier Reef. 
 I really have no understanding, to me this is absolute capitalism at it's blindest.  To chase short term profit in the face of environmental disaster, knowing that your greed now will bring that disaster down on the next generation seems to me to be actually insane. I really have no words.